We are dual tax and financial advisors providing our clients a 360 degree view from 30,000 feet.

Our clients say we excel at providing clear & concise advice and actions.


What we offer

Investment Advisory &
Financial Planning Services

Certified Financial Planners™ offering Investment advisory & financial planning services. Professional guidance for investing, retirement & estate planning, and short term and long-term tax planning.

Accounting &
Tax Preparation

Certified Public Accountants providing a range of services from individual & business tax preparation & proactive tax planning, to accounting services for small businesses.


Why do I need an advisor or accountant?

We value your personal time & effort. A financial advisor can partner with you to keep you disciplined, and on track toward your goals, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Good advisors filter and cut through the abundance of “noise” in our 24-hour news cycle. A good accountant can interpret and provide optimal recommendations based on a tax code that is now longer than all of William Shakespeare’s works combined. At our firm, you get all of the above.

I can do this myself, why do I need to pay a professional?

There are many people who can do this on their own. There are many people who can’t. We look to partner with clients who want to delegate the responsibility to actively report to and advise them. It’s like having your own personal brain trust and back office support team. Our fees are earned through service, not sales. We do not take any commissions. Our annual fee is never more than 1%. See our fee schedule here. As accountants, our fees are based on the time spent doing the work. In select situations, utilizing all of our services could save you more money then working with different professionals. 

How can I know if working with an advisor or accountant is right for me?

As professional investment and tax advisors, we follow the fiduciary standard that puts your interests first and foremost. At our firm, we work personally with our clients. We are independent, meaning there is no large company telling us what to do or how to do it. You won’t experience the carousel of changing reps and advisors like with big firms.