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MC2 Financial Advisers is a fee-only, no-commission advisory firm that puts the interests of clients first and foremost. We work closely with clients to devise a structured, yet flexible, customized investment plan.

At the heart of it, portfolio management is the discipline of making decisions about matching investments to objectives, and balancing risk with return. There are two schools of thought in investment management: passive and active. Passive management tracks a market index, typically referred to as index investing. In contrast, active management employs managers who attempt to time the market with active buying & selling of underlying securities inside the fund. Active management typically produces higher costs and higher taxes than indexing. At MC2 Financial Advisers, we prefer to rely on no-load index mutual funds to a disciplined strategy, instead of allowing emotions or market hype to make decisions. On average, index funds beat managed funds, and they typically have lower costs, too. Our process also eliminates conflict of interest situations, in which investment managers are compensated with commissions, rather than focused on service and a client's individual needs.

We will assess your individual needs, time horizon, and your appetite for risk. The review is focused on your current financial situation and special family, or business-related, concerns. If needed, we may also consult with 3rd party advisors such as accountants, attorneys or business managers, to ensure that your investment plan works with your entire wealth management strategy.